Conditioning & Rehabilitation

Just as humans would receive rehabilitation therapy following an injury or surgery, our pets can also benefit from rehabilitation therapy. Rehabilitation therapy has been proven to decrease pain and inflammation, improve strength and coordination, increase joint range of motion, and speed healing. Additionally, rehabilitation can also have positive psychological effects on your pet.

To provide the most complete recovery and comprehensive care possible, we partner with North Texas Animal Rehabilitation (NTAR) who provides individualized care using advanced rehabilitation techniques. Following surgery at DVSC, the NTAR staff will perform a thorough evaluation of your pet and devise a treatment program tailored specifically for your pet’s needs. NTAR is also equipped to provide superficial cold and heat treatments, massage, therapeutic exercise, home care programs, and conditioning and fitness programs for weight loss and weight management. Comprehensive rehabilitation services include therapeutic ultrasound, neuromuscular electrical stimulation, and aquatic therapy on an underwater treadmill.

The staff at NTAR work closely with DVSC surgeons and your primary care veterinarian throughout the rehabilitation process to ensure that your pet receives the best care possible.