Intervertebral Disk Disease (IVDD): 30+ Years of Neurosurgery at the DVSC

May 27, 2016

The Dallas Veterinary Surgery Center (DVSC) was initially founded in 1986, principally as a neurosurgical referral practice, with greater than 50% of the total case load being neurosurgical. Throughout the years we have always strived to be on the “cutting-edge” of neurosurgical techniques and diagnostic procedures. Our surgeons have been involved with the development and advancement of several neurosurgical techniques currently in use by other surgeons across the country.

The DVSC was the first referral practice in north Texas to routinely use MRI and CT for the diagnosis of intervetebral disc disease. We are also the only veterinary referral center in the DFW metroplex that has intra-operative fluoroscopic capabilities. Fluoroscopy is routinely used to aid in the safe placement of implants (pins, screws, wires) during orthopedic and neurologic surgeries. Intra-operative fluoroscopy significantly reduces the risks associated with screw and pin placement in neurosurgical procedures such as spinal fusions and spinal fracture/ luxations. Minimally invasive approaches to the spine are also possible with intra-operative fluoroscopy, which reduce post-operative complications and speed recovery. The DVSC is so convinced that intra-operative fluoroscopy improves the diagnosis and management of numerous neurosurgical diseases that we have added a second cross-table fluoroscopy unit with a radiolucent operating table.

In our continued commitment to provide the latest and most advanced neurosurgical techniques available, the DVSC has acquired a holmium: YAG laser solely to perform prophylactic percutaneous minimally invasive laser disc ablation.

The most common neurosurgical diseases seen at the DVSC are cervical and thoracolumbar disc herniation, lumbosacral compression, spinal fracture/luxations, cervical vertebral instability ("Wobblers disease") and atlanto-axial subluxation. Included on our web site is a brief insight into our recommendations for one of the most commonly encountered neurosurgical diseases, intervertebral disc disease (IVDD).

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