The Day Of Your Visit

Jan 14, 2020


The majority of our patients receive Science Diet or Iams canned and/or dry food. If you would like your pet to receive a special diet, please provide it at the time your pet is hospitalized. Additionally, please bring any medications your pet is currently receiving, as well as a brief note on the dose and frequency that the medications are to be given.

Safety & Comfort
To optimize anesthetic safety, we use:

  • Well-trained and proficient technical personnel
  • A variety of sensitive cardiopulmonary monitoring devices
  • Continuous electrocardiography
  • Apnea monitors
  • End tidal carbon-dioxide sensors
  • Oxygen saturation monitoring
  • Continuous temperature and blood pressure monitoring

To minimize postoperative pain, we use:

  • Epidural administration of local anesthetics and narcotic agents
  • Local and regional anesthetic blocks
  • Intravenous and intramuscular narcotic pain relievers
  • Slow-release narcotic skin patches
  • Oral pain relievers to be given at home